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How it Works

How It Works

Axident uses an Internet based web design service that offers a one-stop shop for all aspects of web site creation, maintenance and marketing, specifically:

We are primarily geared to working with small companies that have neither the time, expertise or resources to set up their own web site, but may wish to be involved in the process and subsequently take on the day-to-day maintenance.

All sites are owned by the client, including domain name or URL, intellectual property and any other material used in the site's creation.

Our initial (half day) consultation is free and without obligation. If a client chooses subsequently to "go it alone" using the same system (, that's fine; we wish them luck. But if they want to use our services then we provide a low-cost, staged development which minimises the risk to the client and gives them access to our experience since 2007.
It is possible to set up a completely free site, albeit limited in functionality and scope, but not to the extent that the site does not perform and look professional. This site is just such a development and was created in just under a day.


Domain Registration

Initially Domain registration is not required as the Webs system allow us to create a site under their umbrella URL, so for instance, is provided free.
However, to present a professional web image to the world, a domain name which identifies your business is recommended. Once chosen we can register the domain through the same system used to create and maintain the site, where availaibilty can also be checked. The domain is registered in the client's name and is their property with an annual renewal fee.



There are essentialy three stages in the production of a web site:

  • Domain Name registration
  • Site development (i.e. the creation the the web pages, their content, links, structure, organisation and navigation system)
  • Hosting: providing the physical space on the Internet where the web resides, backup facilities, bandwidth management and on-going maintenance of the site all fall under the jurisdiction of Hosting

It is not unusual for these three elements to be separately managed and operated, with the associated potential for confusion and layers of complexity, especially for the client.
The system we use links all three functional areas together seamlessly.



If you want a web site with cinema style animation and special effects, don't come here. We operate on the basis of the 3 F's - Form Follows Function. Our web sites work, don't take an age to load and are easy to maintain and understand. The underlying structure is based on the use of templates which are tried and tested structures that work and work well in terms of colour, font, text size, graphics and navigation systems. And templates don't mean the site is restricted in content or variety. Clients can use their logo or graphics to make it their own and colour schemes and fonts are all changeable. In addition, sites can include Video, background music, Blog, Links page, Web Store, Photo Gallery, Guest Book, Members Area, Forum etc. etc...



We work closely with the client to both manage their expectations and deliver a functional, professional-looking result. Following the first meeting we create a prototype site which promotes further ideas, discussion and feedback. The degree to which customers are actively involved in building the site depends entirely on them.
Sometimes the prototype is close to the mark, but more often it provides a framework which clients mould to their requirements, rather than working in a vacuum. This process takes only a few iterations to select the right parameters and then the process of populating the site takes place. Once the content is in place we test the site thoroughly for consistency, look and feel, navigation and exernal links, optimisation for performance.
The internal Search Engine Optimisation components (Site Description, Google registration, Keywords, Social Network connections are usually built in as the site develops.


Promotion (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation is often viewed as the black art of the Internet and therefore neglected. However, all it takes is a little thought and a few simple steps.
There is no one right way to promote your site, rather a set of tools and processes that together, can position your web presence ahead of the competition.
There are no tricks and any attempts to cheat the systems used by Search Engines will ultimately fail. Above all the site itself must be a upright citizen of the Web. By that we mean it should do what it says on the can, in a consistent, efficient and easy to use manner. And Search Engines are not the only game in town. Most visitors to your site will come direct, i.e. they will glean your web site name (URL or Unique Resource Locator) from a business card, letter head, advertisment or word of pen. Other visitors will arrive courtesy of a link from another site. The value of such "3rd party recommendations" cannot be over-stressed. It is the most reliable, low-(or no-) cost marketing there is. In addition, incoming links to your site are recognised by Search Engines: they will increase your standing in the Internet world and, in most cases, at no cost.



Few web sites are static: the Internet is a dynamic environment and any site that recognises and uses this quality sensibly will benefit. It is another element to the concept of an Honest Website. Any attempt to artificially exaggerate the changes on a site will not win friends in the Search Engine world. Rather, change the site when necessary in a timely and relevant manner. It goes without saying that a site should always be up-to-date. There is nothing worse than finding a page that is obviously history, in the worst possible way.


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